Friday, April 18, 2014

Seeing Objects With a Poet's Eyes

   Today, we formally began Poetry writing.  This lesson was all about seeing objects with a Poet's Eyes - Looking at objects in fresh new ways.    I read two example poems about the pencil sharpener and the ceiling in the classroom.  Then, I took two regular objects and we began brainstorming.  The first was a hole punch.  It was a little difficult for the students to think outside the box.  BUT, once I brought out the wooden ice cream spoon the ideas started poppin'.  (You know the 3 inch hourglass shaped ice cream sticks you get in school!)  One reluctant writer thought it could be a mask for a puppy.  Another said a mustache.  Another said a diving board for a caterpillar.  The ideas kept coming.

     I placed a bag of objects at each of their tables.

Then, students put their Poet's Eyes on to think outside the box.

I was blown away at some of their creativity.    
A push pin is a candle lighter for a bug.
A push pin is a stinger for a bee.

A binder (clip) is a pocketbook for a Barbie Doll.
A binder clip is a zipline carrier for a worm!
A pom-pom is a cheerleading pom pom for an ant.
A pom-pom is the sun for the Earth.
A Q-tip is a barbell for a caterpillar.
A Q-tip is a baton for a baton twirler.
A tack is antennae for an ant.
A pencil gripper is a cannon for a pirate.
An ice cream stick is a diving board for a caterpillar.
(We currently have caterpillars in the classroom.)
A seashell is a baseball glove for a butterfly.
Glasses are a stage for chipmunks. 
A popsicle stick is a bookmark for the library.
Enjoy your Easter!