Monday, October 15, 2012

Something New Sunday Linky

I am linking up with Marie @ The Hands-On Teacher.  Your linky can be classroom related, but it does not have to be!
This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary by taking a trip to the mountains for the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mount Airy.  There were lots of good food and tons of vendors.  One small booth caught my eye because of all the cute fabric patterns.  
Polka Dot Birdie makes cellphone covers, ipad covers, bibs, key chains, and more.
Here is a picture of my cell phone case.  I love it.
It clips onto my jeans, my pocketbook, etc.
My iphone fits perfectly inside.  The outside has two pockets and a snap closure.  She also makes them with a zippered pocket on one side.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Speakers & Asking Questions

   When we have speakers in first grade, all the little kiddies raise their hand to show their interest and curiosity.  It makes the speaker feel so special!  Then, they open their mouths and out pops, "One time,..... or My mommy ...."  
   Friday was our first speaker of the year. I thought I would do a little prep work to see if we could cut down on the story telling and really ask questions. I got this idea from Kristin @ A Teeny Tiny Teacher, but turned it into my own.
   First, I taught students the Question Song which you sing to the tune of "He's got the whole world in His Hands."  They love it when we sing.  I gave 6 students the question words to the song & they held them up like cheerleaders at a football game as we sang the song.
   After learning the song, we made an anchor chart about Reasons we may ask questions:

Then, students were ready for some practice.  We played the game Headbandz in small groups. In this game, one student wears a headband with a picture on it. They cannot see the picture but must ask questions to figure it out.  

After playing the game, I checked students understanding by giving each student a strip of paper.  On it, they had to ask me a question about myself or my family.
Did this help!  Yes!  Not a single one of my students told a story during our time with the speaker.  If they raised their hands, they asked questions! 

You can also make your own Headbandz game.  Make 6 headbands out of sentence strips.  Cut a library pocket a little short & glue on to the middle of the strip.  Have students illustrate objects, animals, people, etc on index cards.  Presto!  You have the pieces to the game.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Bandaid Stories

     We just finished our first unit in writing: Launching Writer's Workshop & published our first piece. So, I took a break from those lessons to have a little fun. Today, I began writing time with the poem Bandaids by Shel Silverstein. It reminds me so much of first graders who need a bandaid for the smallest of boo-boos.  Following the poem, I wrote about a small moment when I got hurt falling down the front steps on my way to school one day. Of course, I had to mention how Mr. Todd (that's what they call my hubby & they think he is the coolest) ran to the rescue with bandaids!   Following my story, I began drawing my setting and then pulled out 2 colorful bandaids. I placed theme on the paper to represent me and one on the paper to represent Mr. Todd. I quickly added arms, legs, and wiggly eyes. I heard giggles and other signs of excitement. They couldn't wait to start their own story.  

And Happy Anniversary to my hubby of 21 years.  I think you are pretty cool, too!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Leaves and Unknown Numbers

     Today was the perfect day for a Fall Themed Math Lesson.  We began math with students drawing a bare tree taking up most of their paper.  Then, they gathered 9 - 13 fall colored leaves and placed them on their tree.
     Students then became the wind and gave one strong puff against their tree and watched some of the leaves fall.   It was their job to figure out how many leaves blew off the tree without counting them.  Instead, students had to think about how many leaves were on the tree & how many they had on the tree now.   Would they count up or count back to find the answer? 


Monday, October 8, 2012

New Product and Chance for a Freebie of your choice

This week my students will be working on Common Core 1.OA.8.  So, I created this game to use as review.  It will make a great addition to our Workstations.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Product Swap & Sale

It is time for the Magical Product Swap again hosted by the fabulous Mrs. Jessica Stanford @ Mrs. Stanford's Class.
I was paired up with the talented Heidi over at My (Not So) Elementary Life and I picked her "What Time Is It?" pack to preview!

This packet contains:
  • Digital, Analog, and Time Words Match & Recording Sheet
  • 3 sets of I Have, Who Has cards: Hour, Half-Hour, and Hour/Half-hour combined
  • Write the Digital Time Cards: Hour, Half-Hour, and Mixed set + 3 recording sheets
  • Draw the Clock Hands Cards: Hour, Half-Hour, and Mixed Set + 3 recording sheets
  • Make your own Clock: Cut and Paste Numbers Clock
  • 15 Worksheets for extra practice/morning work
It correlates with Common Core 1.MD.3.

Your students will love it as much as these two did!

These are other pages from the activities in the packet.

Please visit Heidi's TPT store and check out her products.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I can't believe it is already the 3rd day of the month & time for currently again.  October is the best month of the year!  In 9 days, I will celebrate my 21st anniversary.  In 23 days, my handsome hubby will turn 43.  In 27 days, I will turn ?? on the same day as my mom turns 61!  There are festivals and fairs everywhere & the leaves are beginning to turn. 
And here is a picture of my favorite man at work!  "Husband of a teacher" is his second job!
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