Monday, August 3, 2015

August Pinterest Pick 3 Linky
I am linking up again with the lovelies over at Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner for the August Pinterest Pick 3 Linky!  Now, that is a mouth full!
My first favorite pin comes from Miss Squirrels over at Going Nutty with Miss Squirrels.  (The pic will take you to her website.)
She shared how she made her calendar pockets.  I too had tried paperclips, pins, velcro & even photo corners to add the date on the calendar.  None of them were great!  Since I was redoing the theme in my classroom it was the perfect time to try her tip.
First I made my own calendar - that took forever.  All the measuring, drawing, and tracing!  I made sure 2 calendar numbers would fit into a 4x6 pocket.
Once I had the board ready, I took 4x6 photo sleeves and fused them into 2 - 2 X3 pockets.  Then, adhered them to the board with photo tape.
Here is the finished calendar board ready for the first day of school.
My second pin came from Amie @ Simply in the Middle.  I absolutely loved the polka dots and the black back ground & the ribbon!   It just pops!
They say imitation is the best form of flattery.  Mine turned out almost identical.
(I now have 2 blue poms up since this picture was taken.)

Pin #3 comes from Jen in Sparkling n Second.
This is my only pin I have not made since seeing it.  I need to find a cheap set of these bowling pins.  Love the colors & I know the kiddos will love playing the game.  You can't have too many sight word activities.
I hope you've enjoyed my pins!  To check out more great pins, see below.


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Assess Me Linky: Week 2: This or That

Welcome to Week 2 of Assess Me Linky.  Thanks to Rachel over at the Tattooed Teacher for letting me join the fun!
I would chose jeans over short skirts any day of the week.  I don't mind long flowing skirts, though.  Earrings are a must.  I feel naked without them.  I have always lived in the city and would much prefer the sounds of crickets and frogs over car alarms & traffic.  I shop a lot online for things I purchase often like books or laminating film.  But if it is not something I have purchased before, I need to feel it & touch it.  I take showers 95% of the time, but couldn't live without my jet tub to relieve the stress of a long day or when my muscles ache.  I love sweet tea - too much!  I love to fall asleep to the sound of thunder.  Love flats for work, but feel prettier in heels.  I don't like flying and have never really traveled by train (subway & marta don't count). 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Currently

I'm joining Farley for her August Currently!
Listening:  I absolutely love KLove Radio.  99.4.  It is exactly what it claims to be... positive and encouraging.  I can't get through a day without listening.
Loving:  I just began using Project Life in my daughter's scrapbooks because I finally (after 19 years) ran out of Creative Memories mauve scrapbooks and can't find anymore without paying an arm & a leg for them on eBay.  It is much faster than regular scrapbooking, although it takes out some of the creative elements and "locks" you into the orientation of the photos. 

Thinking:  Time flies by even if you aren't ready.  Now that August 1 is on the books, I will be back at school before you know it.   I haven't accomplished as much as I wanted and only have 16 days to get it done AND Monday I move my son back to college.  Not the dorms.  A real 12 month lease apartment.  I know what that means, too.  I will hardly see him, especially since he's found the love of his life in Boone.  It's quite an exciting and sad time of parenting.  I don't like it, not one bit!
Wanting:  Football to start!  I have a freshman playing football this year at North!  There's nothing like football at North Davidson!  It has a life and atmosphere all it's own.  Secondly, this is going to be the year my Cowboys win the Superbowl!  I've been a fan since I was 6!  
Needing: I ran out of magnet laminate & laminating pouches again right in the middle of a project!  I'm sure that never happens to anyone else, right!
B2S RAK:  I've made lots of cards this summer.  I plan to make card sets for my first grade friends!  Here's one set.
Happy August!