Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Currently & more

As September rushes in, I am crossing my fingers for cooler weather and I'm excited to join Farley for her monthly Link UP. 
Listening:  Does your teenager still watch Sponge Bob?  I can almost quote the episodes I have heard them so often.
Loving:  Tanner is playing football right now.  He likes it, but is playing it mostly for me and to keep in shape for basketball.  We just signed him up for a travel basketball team because we missed watching him play.  Does he look 14?
Thinking:  I have to make 2 cakes tonight for the football meal tomorrow after school.  I am making one of my husband's favorite recipes and I am going to have to put a lock on the refrigerator to hide them from him. Who am I fooling?  How am I going to handle the temptation?
Wanting:  To sneak away to the beach this weekend!!  Who doesn't?  
Needing:  A workday!  I can't seem to catch up with emails, workshops, online training videos, PDPS, self-assessments, etc  MUCH less plans & grading papers!
Goals:  I am sure many of you feel the same way about your job - it's a hobby, too.  I enjoy making plans, creating, etc.  I often do way more than I have to.  But, I am going to put Family before my job even more this year!   I have 1 kiddo out of college, 1 in college, and only 1 left at home.  I miss the oldest 2 like crazy & I want to soak in as much of Tanner's last 4 years at home as I can!  
I have a loooonnnggg list of books I want to read.  I need to sit on my back porch & enjoy a good book, not just in the summertime. 
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My class has been engaged in data collection since school started.  Graphs are hanging ALL over the classroom.  If the fire marshall wouldn't fine us, they would be hanging from the ceiling and on the doors.  
 I can't wait to introduce these data collection activities into our math stations:

I woke up a few Sundays ago to a super email!
I was the winner of Yari's Birthday Give Away.  She is the adorable Second Grade Teacher in the Sunshine State!  Go check out her blog: Sweet Tooth Teaching
I got home yesterday to this lovely assortment of goodies!
Can't decide what's my favorite goodie.  However, she is enabling my pen addiction!
Thank you Yari!!

They are on sale til Saturday.   Just click on the pic above.

Enjoy September!