Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poetry - Always a Favorite

Each year I find poetry to be my favorite type of writing to explore with my class. 
I wanted to share a few of the lessons I always enjoy.

1.  Seeing the world with a poet's eyes. 
During this lesson, students are given a baggie filled with objects like erasers, pom-poms, q-tips, binder clips, etc.   They are asked to use their imagination (Poet's eyes) to see the objects in fresh new ways.   Here are a few samples from class.
2.  Listening for line breaks. 
In another lesson, we explored line breaks.  Then, students were given a poem and asked to give it a try.
3.  Alliteration
In this lesson, we read a few alliteration books.  (A My Name is Alice was the class favorite.)  We used the pattern in the book for students to create their own.  To publish their piece, students used Chatterpix.  It was a hit!

3.  Similes
Our most colorful lessons were the ones when we explored similes.  Below are the books we used.
Students wrote similes about the colors of the rainbow and created this bright board.  I adapted a lesson from The First Grade Parade.
4. Patterning in Poetry
Our poetry unit and animal unit are happening at the same time so lots of my kiddos' poems end up being about animals.  In this lesson, we were exploring the patterning and rhythm in poetry.  Here are a few of the results.
I hope you have found something here you can use in your classroom.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Currently

Seriously, I can't believe it is April already. 
 I mean, I literally haven't turned the calendar in the kitchen since January! 
  Pitiful, I know.  
2015 is flying by.

I am joining Farley for the April Currently. 

Listening:  to my Christian Playlist on my iPhone.  My current favorite song is Unstoppable God by Elevation Worship.  I love anything Third Day, Casting Crowns, Crowder, Big Daddy Weave and Toby Mac.  

Loving:  Spring Break!  I'm most excited about having all 3 children under the same roof on Easter.  They are 21, 19, and 14, but they are NOT to big for hunting Easter Eggs!  I'm also looking forward to cutting off the alarm clock, staying in my PJs all day if I want, and getting my crafting on.  Below are a few of the bunnies I made for Easter Baskets.  They were so easy.

Thinking: This allergy season is going to kill me!  I would love to wake up without a stopped up & runny nose.  Not sure how, but I have them both at the same time!  I started taking allergy shots AGAIN back in October and they have yet to help.  So, since last week I have begun to try the Essential Oils.  I have heard nothing but good things - so maybe this is it!?   Anyone seen success with allergies using the oils?   
Wanting:  A Good Night's Sleep.  I wake up in the middle of the night & wake up way earlier than I need to many nights of the week.  I am a person who needs my sleep - otherwise I'm a little grumpy or whiny!  

Needing:  On January 25th something clicked.  I decided I needed to lose some weight.  Part of it was my daughter graduates college May 8th & I didn't want to be the "fat momma at graduation" and I was seeing numbers on the scale I had never seen before.  I downloaded the Weight Watchers App and haven't looked back.  It is all about writing down what I eat & making healthier choices.  I have now lost 20 pounds & it is showing in my clothes.  
Three days ago, my best friend (since 3rd grade) was making fun of my baggy clothes!  She said I needed a belt.  Belt??  What about a few new clothes as a reward.  And high fives to her too!  She has also lost lots. 


Explain the name:  In 1992, I did my student teaching in first grade & fell in love with the children.  They are honest, loving, funny, and sponges!  Every day is a new day.  Every day, I am covered with homemade pictures,  necklaces, notes, or bracelets.  And, most of all, a day doesn't go by when I don't receive hugs and I love yous.  They think I am the most amazing artist and singer!   (My husband has said I sing like a cat in heat & my third child would say, "Stop, Mommy!" when I would sing him lullabies.)  If it were not for my first graders, I may never have sung again!  :)   My first graders have my heart and I never want to switch grade levels.  They don't just have my heart for 180 days, they have it always.

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Pinterest Pick 3 Linky 
First, up is a Pin for my Classroom from First Grade Wow.
If you teach in the elementary school or are a mom to a little one, you know sometimes a bandaid is all a kiddo needs to make them feel better.  This was the perfect lesson for me to leave for a sub last week!  It was easy and fun. 
What would your OUCH poem have on it?   
My teacher example included kidney stones, migraines, stitches and allergy shots!

Next up, is my favorite Hobby Pin!
It feels like yesterday I dropped my second child off for college. In 40 some days, he will be finished with his freshman year at Appalachian State!  Being an avid scrapbooker now for 19 years, I have tons of photos of them from day one!  Now days, if I want a photo of him at college I have to STALK his Instagram Accounts for one.  (I use the word STALK because that's what my children say I do.) 
This would be the perfect layout for me to document his freshman year!  And the square layouts are perfect for Instagram photos.
Thank you, Nettio Designs for the fun Pop Culture Layouts.

Last, but not least, is my favorite food pin.
This yummy looking lunch comes from Laa Loosh.  It is the Bacon Ranch Turkey Wrap!
Who doesn't love bacon?  If you are using Weight Watchers like I am, this is only 6 points.
Seriously, some of the "diet" frozen meals are way more than this!