Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poetry - Always a Favorite

Each year I find poetry to be my favorite type of writing to explore with my class. 
I wanted to share a few of the lessons I always enjoy.

1.  Seeing the world with a poet's eyes. 
During this lesson, students are given a baggie filled with objects like erasers, pom-poms, q-tips, binder clips, etc.   They are asked to use their imagination (Poet's eyes) to see the objects in fresh new ways.   Here are a few samples from class.
2.  Listening for line breaks. 
In another lesson, we explored line breaks.  Then, students were given a poem and asked to give it a try.
3.  Alliteration
In this lesson, we read a few alliteration books.  (A My Name is Alice was the class favorite.)  We used the pattern in the book for students to create their own.  To publish their piece, students used Chatterpix.  It was a hit!

3.  Similes
Our most colorful lessons were the ones when we explored similes.  Below are the books we used.
Students wrote similes about the colors of the rainbow and created this bright board.  I adapted a lesson from The First Grade Parade.
4. Patterning in Poetry
Our poetry unit and animal unit are happening at the same time so lots of my kiddos' poems end up being about animals.  In this lesson, we were exploring the patterning and rhythm in poetry.  Here are a few of the results.
I hope you have found something here you can use in your classroom.


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