Saturday, September 29, 2012

Math Review = Fun!

Today was review day for math. I had a two sweet moms and a lovely grandmother come in today to help with math centers. It was great because I was able to put students in groups of 4 to better meet their needs.
Center 1:   Shake those Beans from Made for 1st Grade to explore Ways to Make a Number.

Center 2:  Smore Fun from First Grade and Fabulous.
I used this center to have students write addition sentenced.
 They added marshmallows + graham crackers.  
Isn't it just adorable!
 Center 3:  Counting On & Back: Monster Style
created by me.  Get your copy here.

 Center 4:  Having a Hoot with Tens Frames also created by me.  Get your copy here.  This set contains multiple games.  Today, students worked on "Making a 10."

Center 5:  Dice Addition:  Easy enough.  Students roll 2 dice & write the addition sentence that goes with it.

 Center 6:  I worked on understanding the equal signs with my students in small groups.  It has been a tough concept for them this week.  So, first we worked on problems paper pencil style & then I showed them how to play "Equal Signs Bug Me!" 
Get your copy here.



  1. I love this! I am totally going to have a review day soon. It looks like so much fun and learning, all in one!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family