Friday, September 21, 2012

Zoom Balls - Push & Pulls

The zoom ball shows how forces of push and pull can work together.  When Partner #1 pulls the cords outward on one end, the Zoom Ball goes flying to the other side, as long as, Partner #2 pushes their ends together.  The pushing action of the cords against the opening of the bottle sets it in motion.  After the Zoom Ball reaches Partner 2, he sends it back by pulling on the cords while Partner 1 pushes on their cords.   If both partners pull the Zoom Ball will go to the middle and stay.   It takes opposite forces working together to make the Zoom Ball work!

The little boy on the left is my BEST Friend's little boy since 3rd grade.
She is a teacher assistant in the room right next to mine and he is a doll!
He had to practice a lot not to call me by my first name or refer to me as "Tanner's mom" while at school.

If you want to make one for your class here's how:



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