Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Product Swap - Finally!

Better Late than Never is not a motto I live by on a daily basis, especially in the classroom!  But, for the 3rd Magical Product Swap, that's exactly what happened.  My partner and I decided to blog about our swaps a little late.  It worked out the best for both of us. 
I was paired up with the lovely and talented Jennifer @ Positively Learning. I picked her unit What's the Number?  It was perfect for right now as we are working on place value.  Her unit was 47 pages and included:
  • Math Mini Posters
  • 2 Versions of Math Mats
  • Game Cards for 10 - 30 and 10 more for #s 31-99
  • Activity Pages
    Jennifer suggests using the cards for matching games, flashcards, comparing numbers, and for sequencing numbers.
Here is how I used them in my classroom. 
1.  In a workstation center using a pocket chart.  
Pairs of students find the four cards which match.  Categories are Standard Form, Word Form, Picture Form, and Expanded Form.
Finished Center
2.  Final Four
 I distributed cards around the classroom.  Students had to walk around the room and find their partners.
These 2 found a partner.  Now they have to find the word form and the picture form.
They did it!
A Closer Look at the first group who finished.

   I divided cards up among pairs of students. Each would turn over a card and decide who had the greatest number.  They really liked this game!!

Please visit Jessica's TPT store to check out her other fabulous products! 


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  1. Thanks Tamera! I love the idea of finding partners - I'm definitely going to try that!