Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Seriously,  I cannot believe how long I have been missing in action!  I guess when I do something I go all out!  Two summers ago, I decided I needed to slow down and learn to take it easy & do nothing sometimes.  I was ALWAYS (unless sleeping) working on something school related.  I was blogging, pinning or creating.  I was Teacher of the Year, on county committees, Grade Level Chair, Mentoring a new teacher and a student intern.  I was BUSY.  I was missing the most important things.  My priorities were all wrong.

Since blogging & creating less, I have focused more on my relationships with God and family.  My children were growing up so fast and I was realizing how much little time I had left with them at home.  I already had one in college and a Senior in High School with another in middle school.  I needed to be a wife and mother.  This year alone, I have left on time more than ever, even using duty time sometimes to leave a bit early to go to my son's basketball and football games.  I even walked out some days without a bookbag (gasp).   And I don't think I have been to school on the weekends all year (and it's February already.)

The funny thing is... my practices IN the classroom did not suffer.  I am just as prepared and my lessons are just as creative.  I am having fun.  I am relaxed.  I love teaching again!

Just a few photos of my family since I have been missing!
Christmas Morning
Fun at Church
Family time in the Mountains


My best friend

I have learned to BREATHE and do nothing at times.  My family is priority above school. ( I am fortunate to have a principal who believes the same.)  I am volunteering in Kids House at church.  I am going to slowing work my way back into the blogging world.  My class is so wonderful I should have done it sooner!

Tomorrow TPT is having a storewide Sale.  I created a new product just for the occasion and because it is what we are currently studying in math!   Take a peek!



  1. Thanks for this post. My life is pretty much school right now--work 7:00-4:30 most days and then do more at home. Some weekends I am there as well. First graders take quite a bit of time, but they would probably do just as well if I took a little time for myself. Maybe even better! I usually think of the verse that says "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it heartily as unto the Lord and not as unto men." I think, however, He would like me to also find some balance. You've proven it can be done! Thanks again.

  2. I literally haven't blogged since August either! Tonight was the first time in 6 months! I miss blogging but just like you, family comes first!
    You have a beautiful family!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers