Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Pick 3 Linky

I am joining two fabulous blogs for a linky sharing 3 favorite Pinterest Picks.
I love, love, absolutely love, this "poster!"
  I will be recreating this for my main entrance into the classroom. 

In my search for a better balance, I want to craft more than just in the summer.  To boost moral at school our PBIS team just started secret pals.  I think I will be making a version of this for my special pal the next chance I get!
I have been dieting since Jan. 25 and have lost 12 pounds on Weight Watchers.  I have cooked more & made better choices, but today I almost gave in and went for the fast food fix.  I was tired, my back ached, I worked late & spent over an hour at the laundry mat washing a huge comforter.
I didn't cave!   
But, if I had, this would have been the perfect pin for me to make a healthy choice in the drive thru line!
Come join the fun!



  1. What! There are fast food that is under 5 points? I didn't know that!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss....way to go!!! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  3. I love crafting but never seem to have the time. I wish we would do something like secret pals at my school but those things don't go over well:/ Great pins!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  4. So proud of you for resisting the fast food temptation!
    Way to go!!
    Now send some of that will power my way. :)

  5. Congrats.. keep up the great work! Thanks for the great link!