Monday, July 27, 2015

Assess Me! Get to Know Me Linky!

Hi everyone!  Can you believe it is almost August (insert sad face)!  
I haven't accomplished enough in my downtime to go back to work yet!   Wait?!  Downtime?  Accomplish?  Do they go together?

I am joining a fellow NC Teacher Blogger, The Tattooed Teacher, for her Assess Me, Get to Know Me Linky!

Join Rachel for week one:

1.  I do not talk out loud to my self, but I think we all talk to ourselves in our head.  Right? 
2.  I am not superstitious 95% of the time, but I swear there is something fishy with my mother.  We both were born October 30th - the day before Halloween.  She can say something & before long it seems to happen.  Just the other day, she said, "It's a wonder Zach hasn't gotten a ticket driving back and forth to Boone each weekend."  I quickly knocked on wood.  I swear the next trip to Boone Zach got a warning ticket for a burnt out headlight!  NO LIE!   
3.  I DO NOT crack my knuckles and cannot stand the sound of it!  Gives me the heebie jeebies!
4.  I can always snack!
5.  TV is always on.  I like the noise.
6.  I still have my wisdom teeth.
7.  I always shower even if I plan to stay home in my pajamas!  It just wakes me up.
8.  I have been to Disney on one week long trip & 2 very short trips.  Once on New Year's Eve.  Don't do it!  Horribly crowded.  The park was at full capacity by 10 a.m.  We parked it at 4 pm to wait on fireworks because it wasn't worth fighting the crowd for rides.
9.  I have been wearing glasses since I was 35.  I fight it, but I have to wear them to see far away.   I have contacts, but I don't like to wear them either.  
10.  I actually live in the same state where I was born.  All 3 of my kiddos will graduate from my same high school.  
Todd and I @ North Davidson High School.
Kaitlyn's senior year @ NDSH.
Zach's senior year @ NDSH.
Tanner's 8th grade year @ NDMS.
Link up for some fun!


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