Friday, July 3, 2015

July Pinterest Pick 3

I am joining two wonderful bloggers @ Pawsitely Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner
for their monthly Linky.  I hope you join us and get inspired to Pin Your Heart Away!

 This pin comes from DIY & Crafts.
I have a guest bathroom & a college kiddos bathroom that could really use some organization.  I love how this organization actually serves as decoration also IF kept neatly.  I might would lower the baskets and then add a phrase or something above.

This pin originally came from Kikikins Etsy Shop.
 I am always pinning scrapbook layouts and cards. 
After I saw this pin, I headed to Michaels and bought a coordinated set of Fabric Tape and began making my own.  I even created a little box to keep them in.

This pin originally came from the blog Simply the Middle.
As I mentioned in my July Currently, I am changing up my theme a bit & adding birds to the owl theme that took over my classroom.  I was going to take down ALL owl borders and replace with polka dots.  When I saw this Word Wall I knew I had to add polka dot ribbon like Amie did.  
Happy Fourth!  I am off to shop for borders and polka dots!



  1. Those bathroom baskets are perfect! I want to do that in my bathroom!!!! Very neat!

  2. Such a cute word wall! I need to redo mine for this year, it's not very cute. I like the idea of using the ribbon!

  3. I really need to get back into scrapbooking- maybe someday I will! The owls have taken over my classroom too! Love the polka dots! Thank you for sharing and linking up! :)

  4. Making your own cards during the summer is a fabulous idea. I always enjoy getting the homemade ones from my crafty friends! Enjoy your July.
    Burke's Special Kids