Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day the Teacher Lost Her Voice!

     Today was the first day in 20 years of teaching, I have had to teach without a voice. At first, I didn’t think it could be done and I thought about getting a sub. But then I got to thinking about how I could make the best of it.   Here’s how I survived the day with a little help from my friends: technology, lip reading and miming.
  •   I relied on a bit of charades and hand motions to get through my reading groups.  
  •   I modeled without any words during my word work time. My students completed the  computer word work activity beautifully! 
  • For math, I switched things up a bit. I created a powerpoint with the important points  on how to use a number line to add.  I typed up everything I would say during the lesson and recorded my husband’s voice saying it.  I used Garage Band and then inserted it into the powerpoint as media!    Walah!   I didn’t need to speak although I did have to act out what he was saying by pointing to the board and hopping along the number line.  My students recognized my husband’s voice and LOVED it. 
  • Lunch was a breeze. Hand motions to sit down & shush worked well. 
  • How did I give directions for the day or teach my writing and social studies lessons? With a voki! If you haven’t used one, you must try it. A voki is an animated character who can talk for you. All you do is type what you want it to say. There are TONS of characters and lots of voices with accents. President Obama and Brittany Spears even gave a few directions today.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It's interesting to know that you could actually teach without a voice. However, it feels like you did so much prep just for one day. I would probably call out and get a sub for me.

  2. If I weren't such a technology geek, it might have been! However, my sub plans usually take me over an hour to write. This way, I was still able to teach my guided reading groups. I hate missing those!

  3. Truthfully inspiring and good information. Thank for sharing.