Saturday, December 1, 2012

When I Was in First....

I am joining Mrs. Daniel for her When I was in.... Linky Party.  Go check out her blog - Second Grade Sparkles and join in this fun linky.

I was one of the oldest in my class because of my Oct. 30th birthday (which I share with my mom).  The cut off date for starting kindergarten was Oct. 15th.  I missed it by 15 days.
  So, in first grade I actually turned 7.

When I was in first grade... 
  • I loved school.  I think that love started the minute I walked in to kindergarten and continues today.
  • Desks were in rows!  There was NO cooperative work.
  • Handwriting was BIG and so was coloring!
  • My teacher went on maternity leave and I had the best SUB ever who became my FAVORITE teacher of all time.  See previous post.
  • I cried on the last day of school because I didn't want to have the summer off! - crazy I know!
  • Teachers were looked up to and respected.  I was always on my best behavior wanting my teacher's approval.

This is me this summer on a very windy picture day on the beach!  Almost all of our pictures have our eyes squinting from the wind or sun and our hair going everywhere.  It was pretty much a flop.  But I am generally the cameraman and don't have a lot of photos of myself.

I teach in the same school district where I went to elementary, middle and high school - just miles up the road from my elementary school.


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  1. Oh! I love that you have the family picture! What a great idea. :) Thanks so much for linking up!!

    Second Grade Sparkle