Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Grade Publishers

The Wise Ones are now publishers!
 Just check out the smile on their faces when they first saw their book.  They were so excited!
Here are a few example of pages from their books.
If you have never published a book with your class, click on the pencil below to find out just how easy it is with Student Treasures!



  1. I did this with my class this year for the first time. We all loved it!! I can say for sure I will do this every year for now on. It was a wonderful experience for both me and my kiddos. Your kiddos look like they loved it just as much as mine did. It's so awesome to see their faces once they complete something so great. Love your book title:)

    HThe Busy Busy Hive eather

  2. We've seen this before, but didn't know the company creating the books. Thanks for sharing pics of your kiddos enjoying their creations!

    :) Tamra and Sarah

  3. Tamra, you have to try it! Well worth it!