Monday, February 25, 2013

Landforms & Ginormous Give Away

We just wrapped up our unit on landforms with a very hands-on activity.  
Last year's landform project was quite time consuming and difficult to complete without several volunteers.  So, this year we changed it up a bit.
First, students painted land and water on a sturdy paper plate.   They dried quickly.
Meanwhile, at home, my hubby made a salt dough recipe.
A cup salt
2 cups of flour
¾ cup of water
 The next day, students used the salt dough to create a few landforms of their choice after review.

Here is a valley in the making!
These had to dry over the weekend before painting.
Don't you just love the volcano!
Ocean, river, pond, valley, volcano, 2 mountains.
Ta-da!  Done!  My kiddos loved this & were quite as a mouse (even my most rowdy one) while painting them.

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You can link up to join the Give Away until March 1st.
You can begin to enter the GiveAway on March 3.  

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    1. Thanks so much!
      It was fun and the kiddos were the quietest they have been all year!

  2. I love your landforms activity - so cute! Your kids must have loved it! My blog looked the same exact way - I'm hoping it's fixed & I won't get the wonky Photobucket stuff again. I can' t find your followers button because of the PB stuff but I'll come back & become your newest follower! Aside from the PB, your blog looks great!
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