Friday, February 1, 2013

Penguins Galore!

For about 2 weeks my students and I have been learning about penguins.  We learned about what they eat, where they live, and much more.  The two activities my students love are below: 

Students explored the icy waters of the Antarctic.  Then, we used petroleum jelly to represent the waterproof feathers of the penguins.  Then, they placed one hand in a blubber glove into the icy waters along with another unprotected hand.  As you can see from their faces, they loved it! 

Students are always amazed at the real-life size of penguins.  I have to say, I am too.  I would love to stand face to face with an emperor penguin.
So, in small groups students found the size of their penguin.  They studied pictures of them and then make a real life version of their own.  These two boys helped me to model the activity for the rest of the class.
And here is their final penguin.  Love how it is taller than one of them!

This one was my absolute favorite!  Love the Rockhopper hair!
African Penguin  
Yo!  Look at my penguin!
After we finished our penguins, we took a look at how we measured up to the Emperor penguin.
Some of my students were taller than the Emperor.
Others were the same size.
But some of us were a shorter than the Emperor.  
Don't you love how she is looking at him like, Oh My!



  1. We send home a penguin project for our penguin unit. They have to create a life size penguin. It's so great to see them compared to a penguin, they love it!

    For the Love of First Grade

  2. How fun! That's a great science experiment-I need to try that with my kiddos-they are penguin-obsessed right now! :)


  3. Hi Tamera! I love your fun penguin activities! I just found your blog, I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog