Saturday, April 20, 2013

Magical Product Swap #4

It's that time again - the official Magical Product Swap #4!
I was paired with the fabulous Samantha over at Ms. Smarty Pants!
Samantha gave me Working with Words:  eu  ew  ui  oo to review.
In this packet was a list of directions for possible activities that could be done with each of the possible spellings for /ew/.

Activities include:
Word Hunt for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ /ue/
2 Word Hunt recording sheets
Word Building for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ /ue/
Word Building recording sheet and letters
Word Building Pocket Chart card for teacher
Real Word & Silly Word Sort for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ and /ue/ cut & paste
Word Reading sentences for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ /ue/
Open Sort recording sheet for 2 or 3 patterns

Center or Station Activities:
Roll a Word game for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ /ue/
4 different game boards
Flashcards for /ew/ /ui/ /oo/ /ue/
Open Sort headers
Build a Word in the pocket chart
I used this packet for my top spelling group.
On Monday, students sorted a given list of words from each of the 4 spelling patterns as a closed sort.
On each of the remaining 4 days, students worked with partners or groups of 3 to complete activities. 
Roll a word was the favorite!
Please go check out Samantha's blog and TPT store.

Samantha is reviewing my Data Collection pack.



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