Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Art Pals

Art has taken a back seat in our county now for several years.  
Yes, we still have art teachers for 1st through 5th grade, but art stays in the art room pretty much!  It has been frowned upon for classroom teachers to have artwork up in their classrooms or do "artsy" projects.  This is why you don't see many holiday or themed crafts on my blog.  
I disagree with the whole idea.  

On a personal level, 
both of my boys LOVE drawing and I love being crafty! 

On a professional level, 
  • Art gives students a way to express themselves
  • Art can be a form of relaxation (I love to color when I am stressed) or therapy.
  • Art increases morale!
  • Art plays an important role in cognitive, motor, and language development
  • Art provides a sense of self
  • Art strengthens problem solving skills
  • Art stimulates the imagination
Recently, the local High School art teacher invited my classroom to partner with her Art Students and become ART PALS.  I knew my kiddos would love it and they could practice their writing skills while squeezing in a little art.   I mean, aren't postcards a form of writing?   And you can't have a postcard without a beautiful picture on the front.

For a week or so we have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first "postcards" and they arrived today!
The boys loved the dragons and race cars, while the girls 
loved the mermaids and butterflies.
Here are two little ones working on their responses to their
And here are their finished postcards to mail back.
We decided to go with owls this first go round.
I hope you enjoyed these adorable pics.

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  1. Art is frowned on in our classrooms too. I love the postcards your students made! Great idea!