Monday, May 13, 2013

How Now Brown Cow! and freebie

I was sitting in Chick-Fil-A the other evening when I saw a few children with these adorable headbands.  I knew I just had to have some for my kiddos.
But what would we do with them?
Why not study the sound ow makes in words.
For our mini lesson, we talked about the two sounds the ow could make.  I modeled how to say a given word with each of the two sounds before deciding where to place the word.
Next, I guided several students through the process and before long they were ready to try it on their own.
In small groups, students completed the sort as I walked around monitoring.
After completing the sort, we put away the long o words like in crow and only focused on the words in the "cow" column.  
We read the words.  Then, students cut out cow spots and wrote any of the words they could read onto their spots.
We attached the word spots to our clothes and presto-chango
my wise ones were turned into cows! 
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  1. Love how the activity progressed into them becomming cows...adorable!!!

    For the Love of First Grade