Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Currently

Time to link up with Farley again!  
Time for Currently!
Listening:  Everyday I come home from work and my son is outside playing basket ball with   friends.  This goes on until super time even if it is drizzling outside or really cold.  
Loving:  In just a few days my daughter will finish her Sophomore Year in College.  She is going for a double major (Accounting/Finance) with a minor in Women's Studies.  She will be home for almost a month before she starts her summer internship with Ally Financial!  I am so proud of her.
Thinking:  I am too tired to cook or clean tonight!  I just completed a 2 day workshop on Reading 3D - a workshop on how to use our iPads to do Assessments and Benchmarks K-2 in NC.  It was a lot of information to take in over 2 days.  Add the stress of preparing extremely detailed lesson plans for a substitute and stress of lesson planning for next week means I need some Vitameatavegamin.   (Absolutely, 1 of my 2 favorite Lucy episodes of all times!)  
Random fact #1 - At our Vow Renewal almost 2 years ago,  at the end of the ceremony, we walked down the aisle to the I LOVE LUCY theme song!  It received quite the laughs!  Random fact #2 - My grandmother's name was Lucy and my hubby calls me Lucy!
Wanting:  I want to send out a huge Thank You to all those who donated products and those who donated to the Jogging for Jonah Cause!  The Jog is in 2 days and I raised quite a bit of money.  We have made a huge difference!  Thank you all!
NeedingI need to clean this nasty house- a deep clean!  But, if I clean it tonight and you come over tomorrow, GUESS WHAT?  You won't know how hard I worked because...  there will be another load of laundry, another load of dishes, and dog toys all over house again!   I would rather do something like scrapbook a few pages.  Now that, I can feel accomplished about & it will live on!
Summer Bucket List:  
1)  Beach - a trip to the beach is always a must!  We will be going Late July.
2) Scrapbook - I have already booked a Scrapbook Weekend @ a local winery in July and registered for classes at a Creating Keepsakes event in August!.  
3) I am on the Wait List to become an Origami Owl Designer.  I have always loved charm bracelets for as long as I can remember and when I saw these beautiful lockets, I was hooked!  I needed to find another way to help pay for college and I new this was it.  I can't wait for this journey to begin!  Wish me luck!



  1. I don't feel like cooking or cleaning either. I always plan to do it over the weekend but it doesn't happen then either. Oh well!

    Swimming into Second

  2. I think Origami Owl is adorable & SO great that it was started by such a young girl! So funny there's a waitlist!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. I'm with you! Who needs to eat supper?! Good luck with your owl business!


  4. Tamera,
    Thanks for stopping by Teachingisagift! I really enjoyed reading your Currently. I particularly love the bracelets you are starting to sell. I want to be a customer! I LOVE the look. Hope you enjoy the weekend, it starts tomorrow!