Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Round of Math Workstations

We are in the middle of our last round of math workstations for the year!
The favorite center has by far been the Barrel of Monkeys.
Students practice 3 digit addition with the help of some numbered monkeys!
(I saw this idea on pinterest.  Searched on google, ebay, etc for a Barrel of Monkeys and wasn't sure I wanted to spend another $8 at the moment.  Went to school the next day, opened up a cabinet & right in front was a Barrel of Monkeys!  It was meant to be!)
Practicing addition facts with 12 sided dice. 

Practicing 3 digit addition.
Students toss 3 balls and add the numbers where they land.
     Students practice a variety of math skills to build fluency on
Data Collection with a Fairytale Spin and Graph from Kelly at
Castles and Crayons.
Students practiced understanding place value with this cutie from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge.
More addition and subtraction practice with Function Tables from Cara Carroll @ First Grade Parade.  
Understanding the Equal Sign had to be one of the hardest concepts for my first graders this year.  In this game, students sorted equations as true or false!  I was so excited to see everyone doing well on this, finally!
You can pick up your copy of this game here.
This game has a recording sheet, but to save paper, my kiddos fold the paper in half, label it and record their answers.


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