Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teach Like a Pirate - Chapter One

     If I wasn't still working, attempting to begin a workout routine, cooking supper, participating in 3 book studies, and driving the "sports" taxi around, I could read the entire book tonight!

    Teach Like a Pirate, by Dave Burgess, promises to help you increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your life as an educator.   Part I of the book is called Teach Like a Pirate.  It is broken down into six chapters - one for each letter of the word Pirate.  Chapter 1 is for P - Passion.
  •   Content Passion 
    •  What part of your curriculum are you passionate about?
    •  What part do you most enjoy teaching? 
 I love teaching students how to read!  I could teach reading all day long.   I love reading to my children throughout the day, meeting with them in small groups, and watching them grow into readers!  It is almost magical.
  •     Professional Passion
    • What are you passionate about in your profession?
    • What drives you?
I always knew I wanted to work with children or animals.  When I entered college, I thought I was going to be a child psychologist.  That is, until... I walked into a second grade classroom and had the opportunity to work with students.  I was hooked!  I immediately knew what I was going to do with my life!  I am in it for the kids - and for me!  Selfishly, I love the hugs, sweet notes, and sometimes mistakenly being called, "Mom." 
  •  Personal Passion
    •  What are you passionate about outside of the classroom?
    •  Can you bring that passion into the classroom every now and then?
I am passionate about my family and scrapbooking.  My students know my children and husband by name.  I use them in classroom writings and "life lessons" all the time.  They even come to visit every now and again, especially my husband.

I also incorporate scrapbooking into my classroom when I can.  Most often we use photographs and journaling to capture special events in our classroom.  I have had students create a scrapbook page as an end of year project and craft Mother's Day presents.  These lessons are fun for them and fun for me!  I get to share another passion of mine.

Be an educator with passion!  If you are, you will become contagious!  It is a drug!



  1. I think it's great anytime we can bring in our outside passions. Scrapbooking would certainly be a smoother fit than some others :-)

    room 4 imagination

  2. My kids know my daughter and husband by name too, and just MENTIONING them in a lesson hooks them. And they beg for them to visit. Thanks for linking up!
    Third Grade Tidbits

  3. Oh and I know how you feel about being able to read it all in a day... I read it towards the end of the school year and I DIDN'T put it down.

  4. I loved reading of your incorporation of your personal passion for scrapbooking! Well done! Combining the 3 levels makes such a huge difference. I find it disheartening when teachers draw a firm line between their personal lives and their professional lives. Thanks for participating.

  5. I love that you bring your home life into your lessons at school. I do the same thing and I think that our students love "getting to know" our families that way!