Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Classroom Pics & Fun Activities

My Classroom rules posted.
The little girl beside the rules is from an activity we did today with Chrysanthemum.  We talked about how hurting someone's feelings can stay with them for a long time.  Students shared something someone had done to hurt their feelings and when they did they wrinkled the cut out.
Afterwards, we tried to fix the wrinkles by saying "Sorry."  
Even though, she looked a little bit better, the memory of the hurt feelings remains.
 This is my CAFE board which I plan to start soon after introducing Daily 5.
Around the title are my kiddos faces. 
This photo represents about 1/3 of my classroom library.  
This shelf is divided into nonfiction, fiction, and authors.
It is a two sided shelf.   On 1 of the shelves on the back is an entire selection of leveled readers A- M.
Then, the shelf you can barely see behind the blue chair contains more author baskets and my read a-louds.
Lunch Count & Attendance in 1.
I took photos of my students, typed out their names underneath and ran them through my Xeron to put magnets on the back.
 Students got a kick out taking their photos in this huge frame.  I sent the photos
to parents yesterday afternoon and received so many positive comments.
 I broke down & bought the bulletin board set for Math Mountain.
I like all the colors.  Probably won't start using it for another month or so.  We are only on day 2.
Today, we read Owen, also by Kevin Henkes. 
Owen loves his blankie and his neighbor thinks he is too old for it.
His parents try a few tricks to get him to get rid of his blanket, but none work.
Finally, his blanket is made into small handkerchiefs for him to carry in his pocket.
My students brought in their treasured items to share with the class.  

In math, I had students do some problem solving.  They were given a large blanket like Owen's.  I gave them 4 "handkerchiefs" and asked them to figure out how many they could make out of the whole blanket.  I love activities like this that challenge their thinking, require teamwork, and requires student talk.



  1. Your pictures are so cute. I started Mountain Math with my first graders last week. We are in the learning curve, but I am so excited about the potential for my students.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. WOW! Looks like your having as much fun as I am!!! I saw your FACE board and knew we'd be friends right away! I am using a new spin on my own version of the literacy CAFE framework and I'm calling it the CRITTER CAFE! Stop by anytime to visit!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe