Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Back! & TPT Back to School Sale

I have been missing.
Last Thursday, I had a minor dental surgery followed quickly by a Girl's Beach Trip. 
Don't be too jealous - it rained all but one day we were there!
This is the house we stayed in for a fantastic price!  
Can you see our beach chairs on the roof?  What a view of the ocean!
Me in the middle with my beach bum friends!  

Sunday and Monday, TPT is having a Back to School Sale.  They are offering 10% off using the code: BTS12.  I am also going to offer an additional 20% off.  I hope you will stop by my store.


  1. I would love it if you looked at my latest post and offered ANY advice you have got!! Love your creativity! Thank you :)

    Reflections at Recess

  2. Looks like you still had a great trip despite the weather. I love that house! Wow!!!

  3. Hey! My name is Lisa and I'm having a Linky Party over on my blog. You should pop by and add your TPT store link to promote your sale!